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An Executive Board and Club Presidents work to provide cultural, educational and recreational activities for owners.    


Advise on means of improving communications within the community, and assist in production of the Talk of the Colony.


Advise in maintaining and enforcing compliance with Association documents; serve as the Hearing Tribunal for the HOA.

ECC Liaison Observe on behalf of the Board all meetings, decisions, and other actions of the Ford's Colony at Williamsburg Environmental Control Committee (ECC).
Emergency Preparedness Advise in maintaining community emergency preparedness and recovery plans in preparation for the recovery from emergency situations and ensuring the wellbeing of residents during such events.

Advise and assist with operations, care and maintenance of association facilities (buildings, pools, etc.)


Advise and assist on budget preparation; review of the HOA’s finances, investments and policies.


Oversee the nomination of candidates for the Board, supervise the election process and assist staffing of other committees.

Roads & Project Maintenance

Advise on the operation, care and maintenance of roads and other common areas.


Advise on the operations and policies of security, safety and law enforcement in Ford’s Colony.  

Strategic Planning

Advise and assist in long-range issues and future matters, both internal and external relating to the association.

Board of Directors - Responsibilities Direct and manage the operations and assets of the HOA so as to protect, preserve and improve the property values and quality of life at Ford’s Colony for all property owners.